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  1. Phyt's Multi-Vita Serum

    It is an essential part of beauty routine and using the certified organic, Phyt’s Multi-Vita Serum, is the most important first step in nourishing your skin.Its a vitamin cocktail for tightening, smoothing and regenerating the skin. It contains Zinc, Provitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Yeast, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and 16 Amino acids.
  2. Phyts Ylang Sun Oil

    The skin becomes golden, radiant, even, and keeps its suppleness and softness. Water-resistant.
  3. Phyt's Crème C 17 for oily skin

    PHYT'S Creme C17 is a 100 per cent natural purifying and balancing treatment cream for oily, congested and blemished skins.
  4. Phyts Contact+Gommage-Soft Peel

    It allows a gentle removal of dead cells without damaging the surface protective film on your skin.
  5. Phyt's Lip Balm

    Protects, softens and soothes the most damaged lips
  6. Phyt's Serum C 17 for oiiy skin

    PHYT'S Serum C17 is a 100 per cent natural intense purifying and balancing treatment.
  7. Phyt's Sun Cream SPF 30

    High protection sun care. Moisturising, enriched in anti-ageing vegetal vitamin E. Adapted to the first exposures of light skin intolerant to sun.
  8. Phyt's Sun Cream SPF 50

    Specially designed for high protection of the most fragile skins. Its strength: it's fluid texture which is invisible after application, enriched in vegetable vitamin E and in nourishing protective active ingredients.


    This 15 ml antiseptic acting solution Can be used by spraying or rubbing, pure or diluted depending on the body parts.
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9 Item(s)